Audrey Denney Releases Second Ad of the General Election, Confronting Rep. LaMalfa’s Record of Abandoning the People of CA-01

CHICO, CA -- Today, congressional candidate Audrey Denney (D-Chico) released the second TV ad of the General Election, highlighting opponent Rep. Doug LaMalfa’s (R-Richvale) dismal record of choosing corporations, major donors, and special interests over the real people and small businesses of California’s First Congressional District. The ad “Tractor,” confronts the Congressman’s repeated failures in accountability to the people of the North State, and his unwavering dedication to serving the interests of corporate PACs and special interests. In 2020 alone, Rep. LaMalfa has accepted campaign contributions from dozens of corporate PACs, including Amgen Pharmaceuticals, Verizon, Comcast, Chevron, PG&E, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Lockheed Martin, Sempra Energy, Edison Energy, Blue Shield Insurance, and more. 

Denney’s Campaign Manager, Brian Solecki, stated, “For nearly two decades in elected office, Rep. LaMalfa has repeatedly chosen the needs of corporations over his constituents, causing direct harm to the people he was elected to serve. His dismal response to the COVID-19 pandemic has only highlighted what we have always known: The representative we have in Congress only gets to work when it benefits his campaign coffers directly. It is time for a true public servant to replace a bought-and-paid-for partisan politician, so that we can get work done for North State residents in Congress. Audrey Denney will be the representative we deserve.”

In a press release distributed on March 27th by the Congressman, Rep. LaMalfa called helping small businesses through the CARES Act “irresponsible.” He then voted against H.Res. 935, which would establish a subcommittee to assure transparency, efficiency, and accountability of COVID-19 relief funds and programs -- so that the funds would get to the struggling businesses that need them most. 

Denney commented, “During a global pandemic, our main street businesses are the lifeblood of our North State communities. While the Congressman gives breaks to wealthy corporations and turns a blind eye to the misuse of CARES Act funding by these same corporations, working families in California’s First District are at a breaking point. We deserve a true advocate in Congress that is in touch with the real people of our district, and who will always -- and only -- work for us.” 

The full ad can be viewed here:

Download the full press release here.