Audrey Denney Launches First Ad of General Election Campaign, Vowing to “Shake Up” Congress

CHICO, CA - Audrey Denney has released her first ad of the general election. In the spot, which launched on September 8, Audrey promises to refuse contributions from corporate political action committees (PACs) and deliver for the North State by focusing on accessible healthcare, schools, roads and fire protection.

The ad, titled "Shaker," will run on broadcast, cable and digital platforms across California’s First Congressional District.

The ad can be viewed here.

Script: Bob couldn’t harvest almonds without a tree shaker.  And he’s voting for me to shake up Congress.  I’m Audrey Denney. If you’ve had enough of DC politicians that only serve their wealthy donors, then join me, too.  I’ll get big money out of politics by banning corporate PACs, and work for the North State, not special interests, to deliver better health care, schools, roads and fire protection.

I approve this do this to Washington.

Audrey Denney is an agricultural educator and human rights advocate running for the second time to represent the people of California’s First Congressional District against Representative Doug LaMalfa. She refuses to accept a dime of corporate PAC money, because she believes that elected officials should only be beholden to the real people they have sworn to serve.

You can learn more about the Audrey Denney campaign by visiting her website at

Download a PDF of the press release here.