Independent voters and non-primary Republicans in the 1st Congressional District need to know:

Doug LaMalfa and his family have personally pocketed over 5 million dollars in government agriculture subsidies paid for by taxpayers – more than any other representative – even though he is already on the government payroll and his farm is worth millions. Meanwhile, small farmers in our district are struggling to get by and can’t get COVID relief money because LaMalfa voted against aid for small businesses. Doug LaMalfa isn’t working for us – he’s in it for himself.

Doug LaMalfa claims he can’t vote to fund relief for working families and small businesses because it’s “fiscally irresponsible”. But LaMalfa voted to add one-point-five trillion dollars to the national debt to give tax cuts to wealthy corporations who pay zero dollars in federal taxes, and to block bi-partisan backed oversight of the distribution of COVID-19 relief money, helping those same greedy corporations snap up the aid meant for small businesses in our district.