Q2 Finance Reports Show Growing Audrey Denney Grassroots Momentum while Rep. LaMalfa Fills Coffers with Corporate PAC Contributions.

CHICO, CA, July 15, 2019 --- The newly released finance reports from the Federal Election Commission show that Audrey Denney’s support from individuals continues to expand and fuel her campaign while her opponent, Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale), fills his campaign bank account with corporate PAC and GOP PAC contributions.

Audrey Denney has rejected corporate political action committee (PAC) funds and has raised nearly $450,000 in campaign funds from individual contributors.  Her campaign brought in an additional 3,500 individual contributions to the over 2,000 she received in the previous quarter. Audrey has tapped into a deep sense of dissatisfaction with our current congressional representation and has supporters from every corner of California’s first district and from across the political spectrum. 

After being outraised nearly 3 to 1 in the first reporting period of the 2020 election season, Rep. LaMalfa has once again returned to his corporate PAC funders to prop up his struggling campaign bank account.  His FEC quarter 2 reports a long list of contributions from PACs representing the pharmaceutical, oil, telecommunications and insurance industries. Many of these entities have a direct stake in the important issues that are negatively affecting the local economies and lives in our district communities.

Audrey responded to questions about Rep. LaMalfa’s strong support from corporate PACs by stating, “It is ironic that a Congressman with the slogan, ‘He’s One of Us’, continues to choose to be overwhelmingly funded by Corporate PACs and outsiders.  I am grateful for the over 5,600 individual contributions that account for 98% of my campaign funding. The votes of our elected officials should not be bought and paid for by those whose profit-driven agendas hurt the real people who live in our communities.”

Audrey Denney finishes quarter two with $443,000 in total 2020 contributions compared to Rep. LaMalfa’s $350,000 in total contributions.

You can learn more about Audrey by visiting her website at www.audreyforcongress.com.