Audrey Denney Shows Powerful Local Grassroots Support, Dominating Opponent in the Pre-Primary Fundraising Period

CHICO, CA, February 20 -- While Doug LaMalfa recycles attacks against challenger Audrey Denney that label her as a district outsider, Pre-Primary Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports released today tell an entirely different story. 

Line 16 of the reports reveal that Audrey Denney (D-Chico, CA) has once again dominated her opponent, Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale, CA), in the final fundraising period before the March 3rd Primary. Denney amassed an impressive $101,006.73 between January 1 and February 12, compared to the Congressman’s reported $15,500.

This stark contrast between Audrey Denney and Rep. LaMalfa’s fundraising momentum is further emphasized by glaring differences in the fundraising principles of their campaigns. Audrey continues to garner significant in-district support, with eighty-one percent of her FEC listed campaign contributions originating from within California’s First Congressional District this reporting period. Additionally, nearly ninety-seven percent of Denney’s total 2020 campaign support ($860,000) has come from over 16,000 individual contributions.

Asked about this fundraising period, Denney shared, “The people of California’s 1st District deserve a representative who is rooted and supported here by the people of our North State instead of our hyper-partisan politician who continues to be fueled by outside interests. Our local and grassroots momentum sends a loud message about the strength of our fight to replace the Congressman with a true public servant, who is solely committed to the people of California’s 1st District.”

The March 3rd Primary is just over two weeks away, and Audrey Denney is garnering increased support, momentum, and enthusiasm leading to November 2020.

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