New Polling Data Reveals Audrey Denney Lead in CA-01

New Polling Data Reveals a Highly Competitive Race in California’s 1st Congressional District

CHICO, CA -- New polling data released by the Audrey Denney for Congress campaign and collected by reputable national polling firm Lake Research Partners shows a path to victory for Audrey Denney (D-Chico) in the race against Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale) for California’s 1st Congressional District. 

After Denney narrowed the incumbent congressman's typical 20% victories to 9% in the 2018 election, she has narrowed the margin even further. Despite LaMalfa being far better known than Denney, she trails by just five points down (41% to 46%) on the initial ballot but actually leads by a margin of 48% to 43% among voters who are familiar with both candidates. Additional information summarizing the candidates’ platforms narrows the gap further, resulting in a dead heat 47% to 47%.  With yet more information on both candidates, Denney seizes the lead with 50% of the vote and an +8-point lead on the final ballot.

Denney’s campaign manager, Brian Solecki, stated, “California’s 1st District has always been a tough district for a Democrat to win, but the voters are realizing that they have a far superior choice than Rep. LaMalfa on the November ballot.  While the congressman advocates for and votes in line with his largest corporate donors and special interest groups, the people he has sworn to serve have been left behind. Audrey is a leader who is, first and foremost, concerned with the well-being of the people in her district. She has already demonstrated her commitment to standing up to corporate greed and political gamesmanship on both sides of the aisle in service to our North State communities. That commitment will remain steadfast when the voters send her to Washington in November”.

Denney, who refuses to accept campaign contributions from corporate PACs, commented, “I’m enthusiastic about the work we will be doing over the next four months. What is clear is that when the people of California’s 1st District know our story, they choose a public servant leader who will fight for them every single day over a harmful, hyperpartisan representative who has failed to do his job over and over again. It is time for Rep. LaMalfa to be fired, and for a true leader to take his place.”


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