Audrey is running for Congress because the people of California’s first district need a representative who is effective and will fight for their best interest.  We need a leader who only works for their constituents, not for corporate interests and political gamesmanship. A representative who will fight against the political leaders that stand in the way of what is best for this district, regardless of what party they come from. Audrey has proven time and again that she has the passion, the skills, the energy, and the strength of character to do just that.

Audrey spent her childhood on her family’s farm and ranch in Central California.  They grew hay and wine grape and raised beef cattle and draft horses. Her father was a Vietnam veteran and her mother was a leader in their church. Growing up this way instilled in Audrey a strong work ethic and a respect for land and natural resources, which she has carried with her throughout her education and career.


From an early age, Audrey was active in 4-H and other service-learning organizations. She was particularly involved in the FFA and served as a California FFA State Officer. She also served on a team of National Beef Ambassadors representing the beef industry around the country.

Audrey worked her way through college in the food and beverage industry in service, management, and consultative positions. She earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Agricultural Education from California State University, Chico. Her master’s thesis was recognized with an award as the best education thesis in the California State University system that year.

Through her work Audrey stays engaged and connected with the farming community and looks forward to the day when she can once again personally farm on her own land."


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Audrey taught agriculture at California State University, Chico for almost six years. She became well-known for her ability to inspire and engage students through her enthusiastic and pragmatic approach to delivering curriculum. She spent a year as a volunteer working with rural youth on agriculture projects in El Salvador, and another year working for a nonprofit doing agricultural education work in West Africa while living in Ghana.

Today, Audrey is in her fourth year as a Senior Learning Designer at Vivayic, designing learning strategy and curriculum for worldwide agricultural companies and nonprofits, like the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, and the World Bank. She spends her days architecting learning and development solutions that further business and organizational goals.


Audrey serves on the board of directors for Cristosal, an internationally renowned human rights organization based in Central America. She also serves on the mission committee at Bidwell Presbyterian Church in Chico, and coordinated a city-wide service day called “Serve Chico.”

Audrey has a deeply-rooted devotion to service and is passionate about our  community and world. Her work ethic, and professional training enable her to learn quickly, communicate effectively, and to inspire others to action. Audrey’s experience working with people of all backgrounds while inspiring change through action and teaching will help her to represent the North State effectively.

Audrey believes everyone is inherently equal in rights and dignity, and all of our lives have the same inherent value. We need to work extra hard to empower and protect the rights of historically marginalized populations, such as people of color, women, and the LGBTQ community.

She will continue to work to make sure all Americans, have equal protection under the law. Though many advances have been achieved in women’s rights, civil rights, and LGBTQ rights in the last fifty years, the current administration, Congress, and Supreme Court have threatened and undermined that progress. These populations suffer discrimination, unequal pay, harassment, and violence at higher rates than privileged populations. We must work to continue to find adaptive and holistic solutions for the network of problems that influence these groups while lifting up their voices and defending and advancing their human rights.

2018 Congressional Candidate

Audrey launched her first bid for the U.S. House of Representatives on January 2nd, 2018.  After five months of aggressive campaigning, she came in second in the crowded June primary and advanced to the general election. Mid-way through the fall campaign, her doctor diagnosed a football-size tumor in her ovary and she underwent abdominal surgery. She did not let that slow her down and shot this video from the hospital bed, 18 hours after surgery.  

Once recovered she went back on the campaign trail and earned more than 131,000 votes in the November election. Audrey's passionate, professional,  and hardworking campaign challenged Congressman LaMalfa and forced him to aggressively campaign for one of the first times in his political career. After years of coasting back to Washington with 20% margins of victory, Audrey was able to narrow the gap to a hard-fought 9%. 

In ten months Audrey raised $1.1 million from 12,000 individuals - 76% of them who were in the district. She had an incredible grassroots organizing base with over 1,000 volunteers having completed at least one door-knocking shift.

Audrey and her team will build off that solid base for the 2020 campaign!