Letter: denney a viable, necessary replacement for lamalfa

In November 2016, voters in California’s 1st Congressional District favored Donald Trump with 56 percent of the vote. Since then many things have changed as his administration has experienced ongoing difficulties. To list them here would be repetitive and unnecessary.

But, Trump is not on the 2018 ballot and will be president until January 2021, barring changes wrought by the Robert Mueller investigation. What about now?

We have the opportunity to weaken Trump’s support in congress by replacing Congressman Doug LaMalfa. LaMalfa is a good man who certainly cares for his district, but he is almost completely on the wrong side of history right now. In the past 12 years he has sought and received nearly $6 million in farm subsidies for his family business while voting against nutrition programs for the poor. LaMalfa receives tens of thousands from the National Rifle Association and other corporate special interests, while he continues to support the gun lobby’s agenda. He denies human culpability in global climate change. What can voters do now?

The answer is Audrey Denney, an award winning ag educator who has lectured at the university level and created university level curriculum in many sectors of agriculture and science. She favors DACA fairness and takes no corporate campaign funds. Denney understands the impact of global climate change and has helped local agriculture reduce its impact. She strongly believes in sensible gun legislation and women’s reproductive rights.

Google Audrey Denney — it is her time and her place.

— Richard C. Bourne, Chico

Source: https://www.chicoer.com/2018/05/08/letter-denney-a-viable-necessary-replacement-for-lamalfa/