Tax reform

I believe hardworking families need a break. The GOP Tax Bill increased our national debt by $1.5 trillion to give 83% of the benefits not to the middle class but to the wealthiest few and special interests. The corporate tax rate was slashed by 40%, and companies that take their business overseas were rewarded.

Rather than choosing to share these windfalls by raising worker wages, companies have made pay outs to CEOs, and shareholders, while the prevailing wage continues to lose value due to inflation. It is projected the tax bill will also significantly raise health insurance premiums, and cause 3 million people to lose coverage.

I support common-sense tax reform that will put money in the pockets of working families, small businesses, and local farmers, not CEOs and big corporations that move their jobs and stash their profits overseas. I will serve the hard-working people in the district, not Washington lobbyists.


  • Reinstate the corporate tax rate, as well as the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), which ensures that the wealthiest corporations and individuals do not escape their duty of paying taxes through loopholes and deductions
  • Maintain the increase in the child tax credit, and dependent adult tax credit, to help families care for their children and adult dependents
  • Restore the health insurance mandate, which keeps premiums lower, and increases the number of people covered
  • Reinstate the personal exemption, which reduces the tax burden for middle class and working families