We all have a duty to take care of our most vulnerable populations, including our seniors. But Congress keeps trying to make deep cuts to earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare. I will stand against any attempt to take money away from hardworking seniors and families who paid into the system their entire lives and protect Social Security and Medicare to ensure it’s a rock-solid benefit seniors can count on. We can’t break our promises.


  • Defend Social Security and Medicare against partisan attacks and work to ensure that it is a rock-solid benefit seniors can count on – not subject to the budget whims of Congress or the fluctuations of the stock market
  • Support a concerted recruitment effort for home care workers that includes education, training, and dignified wages with benefits necessary to recruit and retain the one million new home care workers needed by 2022
  • Push for greater funding for Alzheimer’s research and make sure it is reliable and consistent, enabling researchers to work steadily toward effective treatment
  • Increase funding to the Social Security Administration to ensure there are enough qualified staff members to meet the needs of our seniors. Staff members are crucial in making sure every senior, especially the most vulnerable – get the benefits they’ve earned. In the last 5 years we’ve lost 4,000 staff positions around the country – and 14 open desks right here in the Redding office