National security & foreign affairs

When I signed my declaration of candidacy, I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. That is my highest commitment. One of the best ways to protect our country and make the world a safer place is to reclaim our long-held leadership role in the world, with an active diplomatic corps, and as proponents of human rights.


  • Provide necessary funding to maintain domestic military bases, and support our military to achieve their missions
  • Support the institution building and diplomatic work of the State Department, in furthering respect for human rights, and cessation of violence
  • Congress must take the responsibility to debate and authorize wars and conflicts that put our service members in harm’s way for prolonged periods of time. Congress should ensure that there are clear, achievable objectives, and that our service members and citizens know what we are fighting for
  • Accept that the full cost of waging war must include the full support of our service members as they transition back to civilian life as veterans, including health care, education, and housing
  • Realizing that poverty, violence, and lack of opportunity are fertile ground for new terrorist movements, we must support humanitarian aid and institution building in countries where our foreign policy, or military action has left the region unstable and in desperate need. This includes Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Israel/Palestine, and Central America
  • Working to elect a new generation of elected officials of, by, and for the people who determine the strategic priorities and commitments of our nation’s military and are free from the influence of the corporate defense industry whose motives are always driven by profits
  • End the domestic spying industry by expanding upon the 2015 USA Freedom Act that began to reign in the uncontrolled collection of citizen data. Congress must adopt procedures that prevent the government and corporate entities from engaging in practices that wrongly target, collect information or impact people based on race, religion, national origin, or other protected classes