Maternity leave & paid family leave

The United States is one of only three countries in the world that have not passed laws requiring organizations to offer paid maternity leave to their employees. I’ve watched my friends struggle to afford to deliver their babies, miss work to care for their newborns, and provide childcare when they go back to work. Celebrating our mothers on Mother’s Day is not enough, we must pass legislation to support maternity leave and women’s health. Not only do we have the highest maternal mortality in the developed world, we are the only developed country that is seeing increases in maternal mortality. We are also experiencing shocking rates of postpartum depression (as high as 1 in 5 in some states!). We have to be better at creating conditions where new moms can care for their physical and mental well-being and that starts with paid maternity leave.

My priorities:

  • Increase funding to agencies that provide women’s health care (especially in our underserved rural areas), regardless of whether those facilities also perform abortions.
    • Congress has contributed to the increasing maternal death rate by denying funding to rural health centers because they also offer legal abortions.
    • Mortality rates among women are steadily increasing, and rural women are the most at risk. Maternal mortality is also increasing rapidly. Half of deaths after giving birth could have been prevented with prenatal care, or access to health care after giving birth.
  • Support equal pay for equal work
  • Ensure that all women have access to health services guaranteed by law
  • Will oppose any legislation to block a woman's right to choose
  • Support 12 weeks paid family leave for all employees by their employers