From our nation’s founding, to today, immigrants have played a crucial role in the growth and success of our nation. Whether first generation immigrants or tenth generation, American families celebrate the stories of those who came to this country looking for a better life. It is time that our immigration system reflect the value immigrants have always had to our nation. An effective immigration system does not create cruelty, but prevents it.


  • Pass the DREAM Act and ensure that our dreamers, who came to this country as children, receive their US citizenship
  • Provide a path for legalization of immigration status for the millions of immigrants already living and working in our nation, who came to this country, inspired by our ideals
  • Support the institution building work of the State Department to improve conditions in Latin America
  • Simplify and streamline agricultural visas, and other work visas for jobs American companies cannot find workers to fill. These programs should allow options for short-term flexibility among seasonal operations while providing long-term stability for both employees and employers
  • Reform our immigration system to facilitate family reunification and protection of asylum seekers