Getting money out of politics

We all deserve an equal voice in our government. But thanks to court rulings, corporations and wealthy special interests have flooded the system with money and have bought the politicians, drowning out the voices of everyday Americans. I have pledged not to accept corporate PAC contributions, because it is my firm belief that our elected officials should serve the voters, not corporations or special interests.


  • Supporting other candidates that refuse to accept corporate PAC money
  • Working toward a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, and require campaign finance limits and transparency for corporations and PACs.
  • Explore pilot programs of public campaign financing like Seattle’s Democracy Voucher program
  • Support legislation to provide incentives to candidates to raise the majority of their money from small individual contributions, like vouchers for broadcasting and mailers, and tax credits for small individual donors.

California District 1 needs a representative who will fight for us – the people who live in each of our northern California communities. Not powerful, wealthy special interests. Our intense political polarization and the toxic effects of money in politics have caused absolutism and gridlock in congress. If you send me to Washington I will work for and fight for every single person who lives in this district. We are united. We are at a unique moment in history, where we have a real chance to come together, and make our shared claim that we deserve better representation.