Forest health & fire prevention

In Northern California, our forests have the potential to benefit us or destroy us.  Our forests currently are in a state of crisis.  Instead of providing us with necessary natural, social and economic resources, they have become a public safety hazard. Unfortunately, we can expect to see increased extreme weather conditions that continue to spark catastrophic fires, threaten our communities and claim lives. If we use scientific practices to manage our forests back to their natural state of health - we turn that threat into the center of our environmental and economic prosperity.


  • Support for education and implementation of proactive fire control measures, including fuel breaks, controlled burns, and forest thinning.
  • Support selective sustainable logging, to restore appropriate density to the forests, and remove excess and dead trees.
  • Support education and implementation of scientifically proven forest management strategies that provide for the diversity of species and ages of trees in the forest, reducing the chance of massive die-off from disease or pest outbreaks.