California’s water

Northern California’s water is used to supply water all over the state, but years of drought have strained our aging water system. In Congress, I will fight make it a priority to secure federal funding to invest in California’s water system and support measures for maintaining and repairing our water infrastructure and storage with new technology, and restore the land in our headwaters region to facilitate groundwater recharge.  Our region also suffers from terrible floods and I will work with local stakeholders to identify flood management solutions that provide multiple benefits. We will work together to identify projects for the Water Resources Development Act and I will fight to include our projects in this key legislation.


  • Invest in maintenance and repair of dams, aqueducts, and water infrastructure
  • Invest in more above ground and underground water storage
  • Incentivize innovative recycling and desalination programs
  • Incentivize land management strategies that manage rainfall effectively and restore our headwaters region to recharge our groundwater
  • Plan for infrastructure improvements that use newer, more efficient technology to conserve water
  • Require increased water conservation in communities at the southern end of the water infrastructure system, to reduce strain on the system
  • Provide incentives to reduce household water usage, including  the installation of conservation technologies
  • Provide incentives to farmers to increase water efficiency through improvements in technology and management
  • Invest in university research on reducing water use in high-use industries