General Election Poll Indicates Impending Upset in the Race for CA-01

CHICO, CA -- In the last thirty days of the November 3rd election, new polling numbers released by the Audrey Denney for Congress campaign demonstrate that challenger Audrey Denney (D-Chico) continues to narrow the margin against incumbent Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale) in California’s First Congressional District. The polling data, gathered by reputable national polling firm Lake Research Partners, shows that Denney has further gained increased attention and recognition by voters in the North State, and now finds the race within the margin of error, as the Congressman clings to a slim 4 point lead. Rep. LaMalfa’s margins against previous opponents have averaged at 20 points.

Consistent with previous polling numbers, when both Denney and LaMalfa are known by voters in the district, Denney is rated significantly more favorably than Rep. LaMalfa. Furthermore, when assessing the Congressman’s overall job performance, Rep. LaMalfa remains underwater with voters in his district -- just 39% say he is doing an excellent or good job.

Speaking to this data point, Denney shared, “Our message has been the same since day one: We are running a campaign grounded in public service, a commitment to getting work done for the North State, and rising above political gamesmanship and partisan bickering for the sake of the people of California’s 1st District. What has changed in the thirty-three months since we started this journey is, the people are waking up to the dismal job their Congressman is doing in being a leader for those he has sworn to serve. Like clockwork, he has consistently voted in lockstep with special interests and corporate donors to the detriment of his constituents. Real people know it is time for a change.”  

June polling showed a massive shift towards Audrey Denney when voters learned positive and negatives about her and the Congressman. She moved from trailing by 5% to being ahead of the incumbent by 8%. If she continues to out-message the Congressman, this race is now set for a massive political upset by the Audrey Denney campaign.

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