After Multiple Attempts to Schedule Town Hall Debates in California’s First Congressional District Race, Rep. Doug LaMalfa Abdicates Responsibility with No Response

CHICO, CA -- As the race for California’s First Congressional District continues to garner national attention, Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale) has been unresponsive to at least six requests from non-partisan groups to participate in debates and forums alongside challenger Audrey Denney (D-Chico). The Denney campaign has been reaching out to Rep. LaMalfa’s campaign for many months, offering to clear her calendar for any times that would work for the Congressman. Denney requested to face the Congressman in non-partisan, locally sponsored forums in every county across the district, but all attempts to coordinate with Rep. LaMalfa have been ignored.

Denney stated, “It is the basic requirement of our elected representatives to be responsive to the needs of the people they serve and to make themselves accessible to their constituents. That’s why I have signed the Town Hall Pledge for the second time this cycle, and committed to hosting regular, advance noticed, accessible town halls across our North State once I am elected. I will be regularly available to our Northern California residents -- they deserve a leader who is willing to face them. Rep. LaMalfa has once again displayed his cowardice and abdicated his responsibility to his constituents.”

After multiple attempts to schedule town halls between Audrey Denney and Rep. LaMalfa, Rep. LaMalfa has been unresponsive to organizations including the well-respected, non-partisan League of Women Voters chapters in Butte County, Shasta County, and Western Nevada County. He failed to respond to requests from the California Alliance of Retired Americans in Redding as well as the Nevada County Media Forum. After agreeing to participate in a Nevada County Association of Realtors Forum on September 9, Rep. LaMalfa canceled the day before the event.

Denney’s Campaign Manager, Brian Solecki stated, “It is shocking that the Congressman lacks the basic respect to his constituents and to local organizations to even respond to their requests, let alone the decency to participate in our democracy by sharing his ideas in an open forum with Audrey. Rep. LaMalfa has avoided town halls since 2017, and if he does not want to participate in the most basic aspects of the election process, he should withdraw as a candidate and resign from his position. We deserve better, and in November, we will elect a true public servant that does not cower in the face of disagreement.”

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