Elle gianforte: audrey denney brings fierce dedication to the job

Audrey Denney is a fresh voice for the residents of District 1. As a congressional candidate, she exemplifies the vitality, vibrancy, and concern for our residents that we have long needed. I have attended the forums and heard what other candidates have to say, and it is Audrey’s passion and commitment that consistently shine through.

From support for mental health education to increased funding for the VA system … from maintenance and repair of dams and aqueducts to supporting farmers in the transition to sustainable agricultural practices, Audrey is fighting to bring a better quality of life to the diverse populations of our district.

To learn more about her background and her fierce dedication to critical issues, visit https://www.audreyforcongress.com.

Elle Gianforte

Nevada City

Source: https://www.theunion.com/opinion/letters/elle-gianforte-audrey-denney-brings-fierce-dedication-to-the-job/