Denney celebrates the people-powered movement that has arisen in ca-1

Chico, CA, Nov 6 – After a hard-won primary that was followed by a contentious general election, Audrey Denney has lost her bid for house representative of California’s first district by the closest margin any challenger has ever come to overturning LaMalfa’s seat. With record turnout and registrations in many areas, Denney celebrated the level of voter engagement that occurred during this midterm in an area that usually sees little political interest.

“I am incredibly proud of the campaign we ran. We had people from every walk of life, across the political spectrum, ready to volunteer, donate, and support us. We proved that authenticity and integrity resonate more with voters than divisiveness and hate,” Denney said.

With a strong showing in Butte and Nevada counties, the Denney campaign made significant inroads into notoriously hard to reach areas of the district. Despite little support from the local or national Democratic Party and taking zero corporate PAC money against an opponent flush with lobbyist cash, the Denney campaign was able to put together a professional operation using a combination of digital and field organizing previously unseen in CA-1. Not only did Denney travel nearly 20,000 miles in the district to hear from often forgotten residents, but an extensive mailing campaign penetrated remote voters usually unreached by politicians.

“We wanted this campaign to be different. Instead of running to our partisan corners, every day we brought people together around our shared common values. We reminded people that we have more that unites us than divides us; and that the hate and divisiveness that we see on TV and social media isn’t reflected in our communities,” Denney said.

The Denney campaign leaves behind a network of thousands of trained volunteers and more than a dozen organized local groups, a grassroots political infrastructure that can change the future of the north state as residents continue to organize around issues and for future elections.

“We are incredibly proud of the vision that we cast, the movement that you’ve started, and the infrastructure that we’ve built. To quote the great Martin Luther King, Jr: "I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture of their minds, and dignity, equality, and freedom for their spirits."