Denney Campaign Combines Forces with Congressional Candidate, David Peterson.

CHICO, CA --- The Audrey Denney campaign has joined forces with congressional candidate David Peterson (D-Grass Valley) to work together to replace incumbent Congressman Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale).  Peterson and Denney share a passion for many of the same issues that are having a negative effect on the people of California’s first district and the nation as a whole.

Denney Campaign Manager, Brian Solecki stated, “Our campaign is thrilled to add David Peterson to our list of advisors as we move forward in working together to create a north state and national economy that is healthier and stronger for the real people living here in our district.”

Peterson has spent the last decade working to advance his agenda in Congressional races. It was during the 2018 primary race that Denney and Peterson realized similarities in their platforms. In the 2020 race, David is putting his endorsement behind Audrey Denney as she works toward some of these shared issues that include:

  • Ending corporate PAC influence in our political system so elected officials serve the voters, not corporations or special interests
  • Fighting for equitable, high-quality healthcare for all Americans through Medicare for All
  • Ending the system that allows war-profiting to drive international policymaking
  • Expanding the transparency of our government including the reporting of lobbyist activity, conflicts of interest, and instituting protections for whistle-blowers who expose the corruption of government officials
  • Protecting the citizens of our nation from the corporate schemes that benefit CEOs and big corporations that move their jobs and stash their profits overseas
  • Rapidly expanding investments in green energy opportunities
  • Protecting Social Security and Medicare from partisan attacks and devastating cuts

Peterson summarized his enthusiasm for the 2020 race stating:

“Audrey Denney will be a great U.S. Representative for California’s first district. She has great compassion and a comprehensive agenda for improvements to our federal government.

Audrey did a fantastic job of consolidating supporters from across our district in 2018. We now have every opportunity to continue that trajectory for a win in 2020. It is a very bold move for Audrey to absorb my campaign and work to consolidate CA-01 Independent voters as well as fiscal conservative’s. Audrey is absorbing some very specific issue campaign priorities that have strong grassroots support locally and across the nation. Please join us to propel Audrey to victory in 2020.”

You can learn more about Audrey by visiting her website at