Audrey Denney Shatters Historic Fundraising Pace

CHICO, CA, April 1, 2019 (Updated 9:00pm)--- Audrey Denney (D-Chico) has announced that she has once again shattered the historic fundraising pace for California’s First District Congressional race.  In the one month since she announced her second campaign for Congress, Audrey’s campaign has been supported with more than 2,000 individual contributions giving her a total of over $250,000*.

The grassroots momentum and energy Audrey has gained with the people of her district has allowed her to lead the incumbent, Representative Doug LaMalfa, in fundraising every previous quarter that she has campaigned against him.  In her 2018 campaign, she amassed over $1.1million in total contributions from nearly 11,000 individual contributions in only 10 months. 

Audrey rejects the Corporate PAC funds which have fueled the Congressman’s campaigns and policies since he was elected in 2012.  “I am proud and humbled by the energy and support behind this campaign. In 2018, nearly 75% of our contributions came from people living in California’s First District. These supporters are people from every walk of life, across the political spectrum, ready to volunteer, donate, and support us because they believe we deserve effective representation.” Denney said.

Audrey Denney has shown herself to be a formidable opponent in her short political career. She has entered the 2020 race energized and motivated. Her impressive fundraising support demonstrates that the people of California’s First District are equally energized, and already mobilized to rally behind her in 2020.

You can learn more about Audrey by visiting her website at

*Full analysis and fundraising details for all candidates and elected officials will be available through the website after April 15th.