Audrey denney, recovering from ovarian surgery, releases statement on lack of healthcare in ca-1


ugust 26, 2018
Contact: Brian Solecki (530) 924-4357

Eugene, OR, Aug 26 – Audrey Denney, insurgent contender for the CA-1 congressional seat against incumbent Doug LaMalfa, is recovering from surgery to remove a large tumor from her ovaries. The tumor, benign, was discovered early last week and later diagnosed by her women’s health provider.

Following the surgery, Denney released a bedside video statement detailing her healthcare experience. Since it’s release Friday, the video has more than 55,000 views.

“A few weeks ago, I heard my doctor say something we all dread hearing: that lump isn’t supposed to be there. What we thought at first was a run of the mill ovarian cyst turned out to be a football-sized tumor on my ovary,” Denney said.

“I became a full-time candidate in February of this year and took a leave of absence from my job as an educator. Luckily, my amazing employer convinced me to continue my health insurance through COBRA. I almost let it lapse. If I had, this experience would have left me with nothing. I have $600 in my savings account and the bills would have drowned me. Two thirds of bankruptcies in this country are related to a medical crisis—and I was almost one of them.”

All eleven counties in California’s 1st district are rural or remote-rural. Medically underserved, residents often have to travel for hours or across state lines to seek medical care. In Denney’s case, the candidate had to travel to Eugene, Oregon to find a surgeon capable of performing the life-saving procedure without a months-long waiting period.

“In two [of our] counties, women can’t deliver their babies in hospitals because healthcare facilities are underfunded and understaffed,” Denney said. “Healthcare in America is broken. Our rural district in Northern California is even worse off. Leaving me with one question: what has Representative LaMalfa done to fix this crisis? Nothing. He has voted again and again and again to take away our healthcare, while voting to cut taxes for himself and his wealthy donors.”

Rep. LaMalfa has a history of voting against healthcare access and services. In January 2017, LaMalfa voted against a bill preventing insurance companies from charging women higher health insurance rates than men. He has repeatedly voted to defund critical rural access providers, and in September, 2015, he voted to restrict women’s access to life-saving health services.

“A tumor is nothing more than a collection of cells multiplying out of control, taking up space, causing pain...Too many of our representatives are just taking up space,” Denney said. “It’s time to remove them...It’s time for all of us to stand up and demand better, to demand a representative who will fight to protect our healthcare and stop the corruption in Washington.”

Denney is expected to make a full recovery and return to active campaigning next week.