Audrey denney raises more than lamalfa, all three previous challengers combined


July 16, 2018

CHICO, CA — Audrey Denney, grassroots insurgent candidate in CA-1, has outraised incumbent Doug LaMalfa for the third consecutive reporting period. Riding a wave of nearly 4,500 donations and an unprecedented level of local support from constituents, Denney has also surpassed fundraising numbers for all previous opposition campaigns against LaMalfa since 2012 combined.

“Our people-powered campaign has raised over $364,000, more than all of LaMalfa’s challengers in the last three elections combined. This outpouring of support is creating a movement in our district for real change with levels of volunteer engagement never seen before,” Denney said.

In the most recent FEC filing statement, Denney received 30% more donations than LaMalfa with a total of $173,352, while LaMalfa raised $133,400. Although the incumbent has a significant war chest, Denney has outraised him by nearly $100,000 since entering the race all while maintaining her pledge to take zero corporate PAC money. On the other hand, 58% of LaMalfa’s money has come from PACs in 2018.

Denney’s campaign has opened offices in Chico and Redding, as well as a office in Grass Valley opening July 23rd. She also has 9 paid staff working on what has become the most professional campaign ever launched in the district.

“These donations from generous constituents make the hard work of our enthusiastic volunteers and dedicated staff possible. And I know that come November, together we can turn out the whole district to vote for real change on the ballot,” Denney said.