Audrey Denney Launches 2020 Congressional Campaign for California’s First District

CHICO, CA, February 25 --- Audrey Denney (D-Chico) has officially launched her second campaign to unseat Representative Doug LaMalfa in 2020.  Audrey spent 2018 traveling to every corner of the eleven counties that make up California’s First Congressional District. She built an impressive network of supporters and momentum while pushing our representative to actively fight for his re-election for the first time in his congressional career.

In 2018, Audrey actively campaigned against our representative for only five months with a positive message that there is more that unites the people of our district than divides us.  In 2020, Audrey will continue to bring her North State values and vision to the people who desperately need effective leadership from our representative in Washington DC.

Looking forward to leveraging the grassroots momentum started during the last election, Audrey stated, I am running for Congress because the people of California’s first district need a representative who is effective and will fight for their best interest. We need a representative who is only beholden to their constituents, not to corporate interests and political gamesmanship. A representative who will fight against the political leaders that stand in the way of what is best for our district, regardless of what party they come from.”

Since the November election, Audrey has been inspired by the incredible response to the Camp Fire devastation just miles away from her Chico home. Audrey has proudly served alongside the people of California’s First District in response to the largest disaster the North State has ever experienced.  She has collaborated across the political spectrum with community members who gave selflessly to those in need: from first responders who worked tirelessly to assist and evacuate, to community members who opened their homes to strangers, to business owners who contributed goods and services. All because their neighbors and their community are more important than political battles.

While our current representative actively supports the political games of our president, who threatens to steal our disaster relief funds, Audrey knows the challenges we face are more important than partisan battles. She believes it is time for us to have a representative who has a collaborative and fighting spirit, who puts our needs in District One above all others. Audrey is running in 2020 to bring her North State values, vision, and effective leadership to Congress.  You can join Audrey and learn more by visiting her new website at