Q2 Fundraising Numbers Reveal That Denney Campaign Has Already Raised More Than Any Congressional Campaign in the History of CA-01

CHICO, CA, July 16 -- With only four months left in the race for California’s 1st Congressional District, Audrey Denney (D-Chico) has obliterated incumbent Congressman Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale) in the second fundraising quarter of 2020. According to the June 30 FEC reports, Denney raised an astounding $315,000, while the Congressman raised only $44,000. This fundraising quarter marks the most total funds ever raised by a Congressional candidate in California’s 1st District, with Denney surpassing $1.3 million in campaign contributions. 

Brian Solecki, Denney’s Campaign Manager, said, “It is disappointing and embarrassing that a sitting Congressman receives less than 50% of his funds from individuals and is dependent on corporate PAC dollars and GOP transfers to keep his fundraising even remotely competitive with our movement. Our grassroots, local, and people-powered efforts are absolutely crushing his fundraising ability.” In the last quarter represented by this FEC report, Rep. LaMalfa has continued to receive corporate PAC funds from the Energy, Transportation and Banking industries. Over 95% of Denney’s total contributions have been received from individuals, and the Denney campaign continues to refuse all corporate PAC funds. 

Denney shared, “What is most important and most exciting about these numbers is not just the amount of money we have been able to amass for our movement. It is that our movement is driven by support from real people. Real people understand that as long as a representative is bought and paid for by corporations, that representative will never be a true public servant. The real people of California’s 1st District have been abandoned by a hyperpartisan and harmful representative who has never prioritized or advocated for our rural district’s needs. We deserve better, and as our recent polling demonstrates, we will elect a public servant for the North State in November.” 

The Denney campaign has put the needs of this large rural district on the radar of national organizations like Emily's List, who are jumping in to support making sure the people of California's 1st District have effective representation. 


Download the full press release here.